Why is the Cloud version charged per message while the Chrome Extension had a fixed yearly subscription?

The pricing model for the Cloud version is based on a per-message fee due to the variable costs associated with server resource utilization needed to deliver each message. In contrast, the Chrome Extension, which is now discontinued, operated on a fixed yearly subscription of Rs. 5,000. For customers with an active subscription, we are offering 50,000 free message credits for the Cloud version as a transitional benefit. You may continue using the Chrome Extension version as long as it remains functional. Once it is no longer operational, you can seamlessly switch to the Cloud version to ensure uninterrupted service.

I recently used the "Forgot Password" feature to reset my password, but I haven't received the reset link.

It appears that you have opted out of receiving emails from us. To resolve this, please click [here] and enter your email address to opt back in. Once you've done that, you should receive the password reset link.

Why should I use your App. Doesn't WhatsApp broadcast do the same job?

In WhatsApp, for a broadcast message to be delivered to a recipient, the recipient must have your phone number saved in their contacts. If they do not have your number saved, the broadcast message will not be delivered to them. This is a privacy feature designed to prevent spam and ensure that broadcast messages are only received by people who have chosen to have your contact information.

How many messages can I send with your App?

There is no limit, but we don’t recommend sending more than 300-400 messages in one go. Our customers have also sent 2600 messages in one go without a problem, but those people are know personally to the them, so they would not report the number to WhatsApp.

There is a random delay of around 15 to 25 seconds for recipients, so 3-4 messages are sent per minute.

How to send email to many groups

Click here to watch a video of how to do it

How to Extract Numbers from WhatsApp Groups Using Bulk Message App

Install the Extension:

Navigate to the Chrome Web Store.
Search for "BulkMessageApp Cloud Helper" and select the appropriate extension.
Click on "Add to Chrome" and confirm by selecting "Add extension" when prompted.

Log into WhatsApp:

Open a new tab and visit WhatsApp Web.
Scan the QR code with your mobile device to log in to the account containing the groups from which you wish to extract numbers.

Extract Group Numbers:

Visit the BulkMessageApp Group Extractor.
You’ll see a list of group names. Click "Download" next to the group name to extract numbers. This will save the data into a CSV file named after the group.

Manage Your Lists:

Go back to the main menu and click on "Lists".
Create a new list and navigate to "Manage".
Import the previously downloaded CSV file into your new list.

You're all set! Your numbers have been successfully extracted and organized.

Need Further Assistance?
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I’m unable to send a Video.

Download and use Handbrake software on your computer to compress the video and then send it.

Can I become a Reseller or an Affiliate member?

Yes. Please write an email to us on partners@webdudes.in and let us know how many subscribers are you looking to sell per month.

Will my number get blocked if I use your App?

If you send SPAM, WhatsApp gives the users the option to REPORT your number or business to WhatsApp. If many people REPORT your number, your number will get blocked. Click here and read this to learn how to prevent your number from being banned by WhatsApp.

Why does a WhatsApp number get blocked?

A WhatsApp number can get blocked for several reasons, typically related to violations of WhatsApp's terms of service. Here are some common reasons:

Spamming: Sending unsolicited messages, especially in bulk, can lead to your number being marked as spam by recipients and subsequently blocked by WhatsApp.

Excessive Use: Sending too many messages in a short period or being reported by multiple users can result in a temporary or permanent block.

Inappropriate Content: Sharing content that violates WhatsApp's guidelines, such as hate speech, threats, or explicit material, can lead to a block.

Frequent Blocking: If many users block your number, WhatsApp may take action against your account.

Suspicious Activity: Unusual activity, such as rapidly joining and leaving multiple groups or frequent account registration, can raise red flags.

Violation of Group Guidelines: Spamming or inappropriate behavior in groups, including adding people to groups without their consent, can lead to reports and subsequent blocking.

Phishing or Scams: Using WhatsApp to engage in fraudulent activities, such as phishing or scamming, can lead to immediate blocking.

To avoid getting blocked, adhere to WhatsApp's terms of service, avoid spamming, and ensure you use the platform responsibly and respectfully.

How should I prevent my number from getting reported by users to WhatsApp?

The solution is to not send SPAM. Click here and read this to learn how to prevent your number from being banned by WhatsApp.

What Is Spam?

Spam is unsolicited and unwanted junk messages sent to an indiscriminate recipient list. Typically, spam is used instead of advertising. Unsolicited means: not asked for; given or done voluntarily. 

What will happen if my number gets Banned?

You can write to WhatsApp and request them to unblock your number. They usually comply within 24 hours or less.

Can I clean up my phone database and extract only WhatsApp Numbers from the database?

Yes. There is a third-party service provider that delivers such a service. Click here to know more about it.

How do I build a clean database of clients who want to receive WhatsApp messages from me?

We recommend you use Advertising on Google, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to get leads. When people see your Ads, they have the option to OPT-IN to get your offers. So the likelihood of them ever reporting your number to WhatsApp is close to ZERO.

We always remind our customers with the image of the Ad they clicked on in the message to let them know they asked for what I am sending them. Once I remind them that they asked for what I am offering, they never report my number on WhatsApp.

But Advertising is too expensive, and I can’t afford to acquire a database using Ads. What should I do?

Then we don’t recommend using our App as the likelihood of your number getting reported will be HIGH, and your number will get banned.

Can I try your App for free to see if my number gets blocked?

Yes. We give you free credits to send messages.

How long does it take to send messages?

We’ve incorporated a mandatory 15-30 second delay between messages to protect your number from getting BLOCKED. Sending attachments takes longer based on the file size, and the time to deliver your message in a batch can vary. You can use the pause feature if it takes too long. Then resume the batch delivery the next day.

Can I request you add a new feature to this app?

Sure. Click here to submit your request. We will do our best to accommodate that feature.

Is your app the same as WhatsApp Business API?

No. If you are looking for an API for WhatsApp, click here for more details.

I can't see all the options on the screen

The minimum laptop resolution required is 1366x768