What is Bulk Message App?

Bulk Message App is a cloud-based application designed to enable you to send mass messages through WhatsApp to your clients and prospects efficiently. Please note that using this service to send spam can lead to your number being blocked. To maintain compliance and effectiveness, only use this tool to communicate with individuals who have explicitly opted in to receive updates on your products or services. 

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Tech Support

Tech Support

If you need help, we are available to support you over a WhatsApp or Phone call from Monday to Friday from 11 AM to 5 PM

How to Use it!

Product Features


We can tailor your bulk messages to include personal details such as first names if your WhatsApp lists are organized accordingly. This personalized touch helps recipients feel individually addressed, enhancing the impact of your campaign.

Send Attachments

You can enhance your messages by attaching files such as PNGs, JPEGs, or MP4s, and including captions to provide additional context.

Extract Numbers from Groups

Our app allows you to extract numbers from groups and send personalized, one-to-one messages seamlessly.

Bulk Messages to Groups

If you are active in numerous networking or business WhatsApp groups, our app enables you to compile a list of all these groups and send messages to them in a single batch, streamlining your communication efforts.

Split Messages

You can divide your messages into smaller segments to create the appearance of a conversation rather than a single large block of text. This approach not only makes your messages more readable, but it also conveys to the recipient that you have taken the time to personally engage with them.


Easily pause your messaging campaign for any reason and resume it at your convenience. Maintain control over your communication schedule, ensuring flexibility and seamless management of your messaging strategy.

Background Process

Unlike the now-discontinued Bulk Message App PRO, our cloud version enables you to send messages in the background. This means you can send messages to your prospects without needing to keep your PC active, enhancing convenience and efficiency.

Access on Mobile

The cloud version of our app is browser-based, allowing you to access it on your mobile device thanks to its responsive design. However, for optimal list creation and campaign scheduling, we recommend using a desktop or laptop.

Reports with filters, Stats

Explore the detailed reports available in the campaign section of our platform. These reports provide insights into which numbers were invalid, as well as the status of messages that were sent, delivered, and read. This information helps you gauge the effectiveness of your campaigns and refine your communication strategies.

Schedule Messages

You can schedule messages to be sent at specific times and dates, allowing you to focus on other tasks while your messages are delivered automatically.

Clone Campaign

You can clone campaigns to reuse existing content without having to re-enter it each time, streamlining your messaging process.

Duplicate Detector

When you upload contacts into a list, the system automatically checks for duplicates and prevents any redundant entries, ensuring your list remains streamlined and accurate.

Import/Export Lists

You can quickly populate your lists by importing CSV files, streamlining the data entry process. Additionally, you can export these lists at any time, which is particularly useful if they have been updated over time.


You can utilize the Global Unsubscribe feature to permanently prevent a number from receiving future messages, even if it is mistakenly added to a new list. This safeguard ensures you respect the preferences of customers who have requested to be removed from your lists, maintaining their satisfaction and trust.

Invalid Detector

The app verifies the validity of each number and refrains from sending messages to inactive WhatsApp numbers. These numbers are then automatically excluded from future message deliveries, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in your communication efforts.


It just works!

Niranjan Bangera
Real Estate Developer, 36 Properties

Best feature is the ease of use – from installation to sending messages in a few clicks and under a min

Geetha Krishnan
CEO, Fragrant Kitchen

I have been an ardent user of the Bulk Messaging App from Rishi & team over the last 18 months.

I simply love this App, as i just couldn’t operate my marketing efforts without this wonderful tool.

I am in the Wellness space and into educating people about water & it’s role in keeping good health.

Since I am active in the social media, I rely on effective marketing tools & systems to help me reach out as well as be responsive to the queries that are posed to me.

The Bulk Message App is too good, very easy to implement, use and to stay in touch with large number of clients who depend on you for your services.

Thank you Rishi & Team!

Satish Rao
Curator, The Abundance Show

Makes work super easy, systematically done and helps one be consistent with information share!

Rubina Ali Khan
Director, HNH

Very helpful to send link to participants in one shot.

Aarti Asrani
Law of Attraction Coach

I truly enjoy the bulk message app it’s a like a one button solution to sending out bulk messages.

Healer, Samskara Healing Centre

The Bulkmessageapp is an amazing application as it solves our problem of sending the messages to contacts who haven’t saved our number.
I have been using it for a few months now and it is working fine.
Sometimes, I do face some technical issues & queries related to this but the Bulkmessageapp team is very helpful and supportive to help us always, thank you! 

Akash Prasad
Volunteer, SHARAN

The App is user-friendly and has better interface. This will surely give better results in business growth.

Bharat Jethani
Relationship Marketing Expert, Asentiv

The app is a very effective bulk messaging app. I have used it very effectively and used it to send thousand of messages at a time to different clients. The best part is along with text, graphics and audios also can be attached.

The team makes things very easy by giving prompt answers to all the queries sent on WhatsApp on personal number as well as group.
If the issue is not solved immediately, we can schedule an appointment on a one is to one basis, thereby solving the issue either on zoom call or video call.

Some of the tedious work they have resolved through Anydesk, so issues are resolved and not kept pending. I am very much impressed by the support extended by the team and I am amply benefited by the App.

Dr. Girish Autade
Orthopedic Surgeon Spine and Back Surgeon, Ashwini Multispecialty Hospital, Nashik
Banned by WhatsApp

How to Prevent Your Number from Being Banned by WhatsApp

Avoid Purchasing Databases

It’s crucial not to buy databases of phone numbers. These are often not compliant with privacy regulations and can lead to spam reports. 

Utilize Lead Generation Ads on Meta

Build your own database by running lead generation ads on Meta. This will help you gather contacts who are genuinely interested in learning more about your products and services

Respect Opt-out Requests

If someone requests to stop receiving messages, make sure to unsubscribe them immediately. Our app ensures that once unsubscribed, they won’t receive future messages even if they reappear on your list. 

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